Last Genius Hour!

For the last couple of Genius Hour’s I have crocheted and made homemade ice cream. I am making a hat. It is blue. I taught a couple of my friends how to crochet too. It was kind of difficult because we only did Genius Hour once a week and one of my friends kept forgetting how to do it.

I brought my ice cream machine and we mixed up a batch it was really good. My friends and I also made homemade ice cream by hand by shaking it in a baggy. My ice cream machine is a “Rival.” It took about 40 min. to make one batch. The ice cream made by hand was a success! It was delicious and it was very hard! The ice cream in a baggy is very easy there are very little ingredients. If you make it in a baggy you should also have warm gloves to wear when shaking it because the ice and rock salt is very very cold.

I hope you enjoy this post and will try both of the things that I have tried!

Click Here to see how to make the ice cream in a baggy.

Click Here to see the video that shows how to make a crocheted hat.