American Cancer Society Fundraiers and Relay Recess!

We held a bunch of fundraisers for the American Cancer Society like The Petting Zoo, Bake Sale, Babysitting Night and many others. On October 31st we held a Relay Recess we invited survivors and we had a survivor lap when the survivors walked around our gym. After the survivors walked their lap grades Kindergarten through 8th grade dressed up in their class colors and went around the gym for a couple of laps with their signs identifying which grade it is.

Petting Zoo and Horse Racing Ganes- $450

We had people bring animals to the designated space and we had a free will donation petting zoo with horse rides at a price. Horse Racing is a game with wooden horses.

Ribbon of Faith-$249.30

We wrote names in honor of people who have survived cancer and we also wrote manes in memory of those who have passed away. We put their names in the shape of a ribbon.

Casual Day-$118.20

Casual Day is $1 for jeans/casual and $2 for grub/sweatpants

Babysitting Night-$48

We had kids come to our school and be babysat and had a free will donation for the babysitting.

Bake Sale & Raffle- $544.86

We asked 7th and 8th graders to bring baked goods and we sold them.

Coin Drive- $322.54

We had kids bring in coins and the money was counted.

In all we made $1778.90

At the Relay Recess we had educational stations about how to prevent cancer the four stations were Healthy Eating,              Tobacco Usage, Physical Activity, and Sun Safety. The kids were able to have fun while learning how to prevent cancer and keep there bodies healthy.


This is a picture of the teachers handing out the bags for the kids to bring to the education stations.

Here is a link to the Relay For Life website:

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