Homecoming 2012!!

For homecoming this year for the different dress up days we do are today is monochromatic day! Monochromatic day is when each class dresses up in different colors. Wednesday is 50 nifty things day which is when you were are to wear 50 of one item. The reason we are doing 50 is because our school has had fifty graduates as of this year.  On Thursday we have herd day each grade dresses up as an animal that their grade chose. For Friday we dress up in everything black and gold/yellow which is our school colors! We also ecah grade gets to decorate a section of the hallway! Then it gets judged!

5 thoughts on “Homecoming 2012!!

  1. Hey Jade!
    I always LOVED homecoming week at school! I am not sure if you have to wear uniforms in Iowa, but we are required to in Alabama. Therefore whenever homecoming week came along, it was one of the few times of the year we did not have to wear a uniform. Our days included: nerd day, twin day (you dress like someone else), superhero day, tourist day, and school color day. The hall decorating contest sounds like a lot of fun! I hope that your class wins and you continue to have an awesome week.
    Amanda Patton
    University of South Alabama
    Mobile, AL

  2. Amanda,
    Yes I go to a private school so, yes we do wear uniforms. Today our decorations are being judged! Hope we do good but we are in the high school and there is some pretty good competition!


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