Barn Quilting

The 7th and 8th grade boys and girls are making barn quilts for the gala in February.
The steps we used are:

  1. First, we sanded the edges then, painted the plywood white, as a primer.
  2. Second, we drew our design on the white primer.
  3. Third, we painted a border black because most barn quilts have a two inch border of black.
  4. Fourth, we taped off the black and the design, so we could paint the background green.
  5. Fifth, we painted the background green. We painted about two or three coats.
  6. Sixth, we taped the green and the other areas to paint the yellow.
  7. We did the same with the blue.
  8. We fixed all of our mistakes.

Progress on the Barn Quilt

"The Grand Star"

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