Tim Tebow

Dear Tim,

My name is Jade. I live by a small town in Iowa, on a farm. I think what you do to help other people is very inspiring.

You areĀ a really good role model. I like how you put other people before yourself even on before winning games or the championships.

You are inspiring those who you help. They see that they can never lose hope and to be strong and fight through their battle even if they think or say they can’t.

You truly are an inspiration!

Sincerely, Jade

3 thoughts on “Tim Tebow

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  2. Jade,
    I really liked reading the article about Tim Tebow too. Before I read it, I hadn’t paid much attention to Tim. Then I saw that he really lives his faith by serving others and that was neat to see.

    Thanks for sharing your inspiring letter with the world! I hope Tim read it too.

    Yours truly,
    Mrs. Krebs

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