Last Genius Hour!

For the last couple of Genius Hour’s I have crocheted and made homemade ice cream. I am making a hat. It is blue. I taught a couple of my friends how to crochet too. It was kind of difficult because we only did Genius Hour once a week and one of my friends kept forgetting how to do it.

I brought my ice cream machine and we mixed up a batch it was really good. My friends and I also made homemade ice cream by hand by shaking it in a baggy. My ice cream machine is a “Rival.” It took about 40 min. to make one batch. The ice cream made by hand was a success! It was delicious and it was very hard! The ice cream in a baggy is very easy there are very little ingredients. If you make it in a baggy you should also have warm gloves to wear when shaking it because the ice and rock salt is very very cold.

I hope you enjoy this post and will try both of the things that I have tried!

Click Here to see how to make the ice cream in a baggy.

Click Here to see the video that shows how to make a crocheted hat.


TSA- Technology Student Association.

In TSA we do many things. Some people build airplanes and compete to see whose plane can stay in the air the longest, other people take pictures, edit them, and write descriptions about them. Some other things you can do are making a brochure, postcard, and letter promoting TSA, some people build structural beams and they get tested to see how much weight they can hold. One thing that only 6 people participate in is Chapter Team, Chapter Team is 6 people doing a professional meeting with professional terminology.

In April we go to our TSA state conference and we compete against other school in some of the categories above. We also get to meet new people at the conference.

This year our middle school won Chapter Champs. How to win Chapter Champs is you have one student from each chapter get interviewed by judges and they decide who they think should win.

In my Chapter Team we got second place which is really good!

This is what the trophies we got looked like this year! On the bottom is the plaque we get to keep!

March Genius Hour!

For Genius hour a couple of my friends and I made Hula Hoop Rugs. I found the idea to make this on Pinterest. Here are the general steps to make a hula hoop rug. If you are going to make this you should find the full directions.


  1. You gather t-shirts and a hula hoop.
  2. Lay your t-shirts out and cut them from the bottom in one inch strips.
  3. Take 11 strips and put them around your hula hoop like spokes on a bike.
  4. Push two of the strips together.
  5. Cut more strips.
  6. Weave your strips in and out between the t-shirts strips.
  7. When you rug is to the size you would like cut the t-shirt strips that are connected to your hula hoop.
  8. Tie the ends into a knot.
  9. Make the ends your desired length.
  10. Place your rug and enjoy!


Here are some pictures of making a hula hoop rug and the finished product!

Finished Product

Philip Gans, Holocaust Survivor.


noun \ˈhō-lə-ˌkȯst, ˈhä- also -ˌkäst or ˈhȯ-lə-kȯst\

Definition of HOLOCAUST

  1. a sacrifice consumed by fire
  2. a thorough destruction involving extensive loss of life especially through fire <a nuclear holocaust>
  3. often capitalized: the mass slaughter of European civilians and especially Jews by the Nazis during World War II —usually used with the
  4. a mass slaughter of people; especially: genocide

(Definiton above from Merriam-Webster Dictionary)

On Tuesday April 2nd we went and listened to a speaker named Philip Gans. He is a Holocaust and Concentration camp survivor. Philip is 85 years old. He told us all about his story.

Philip was 14 when he was taken by the Nazi’s to go to a concentration camp. His family along with others, who were loaded into cattle cars. When they arrived at there destination they were sorted men on one side women on the other. Each man was to walk forward and one Nazi was determining whta group he shold go with the women or the men and Philip was placed with the men.

Little did he know that the women were brought straight to the gas chambers. Which is where they were killed.

In his concentration camp, on the average people lost 6-9lbs per week. They worked 6 days a week. Most people were just skin and bones.

If people were to weak too work they would be killed.

Philip is the only one on his dads side that survived.

To hear more about his story watch the video that I have linked.



Religion Poster

“Go into all the world and proclaim the good news to the whole creation. Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved;whoever does not believe will be condemned.” Mark 16:15-16

In this verse Jesus is specifically talking to the disciples after he was raised from the dead. Jesus was scolding the disciples because they didn’t believe the people who told them that Jesus was raised from the dead.

For this assignment we were supposed to find a bible verse that was meaningful to us and we could illustrate it.

This verse is important to me because. It is a verse that really speaks to you it tells you what God wants you to do. It shows the path that Jesus would want us to do. I chose to draw this verse like this because this is something that Jesus would want us to do. He would want us to spread the news.

Here is a link to my verse on an online bible. My verses are Mark 16:15-16

In this verse Jesus had just risen from the dead these were the words that Jesus was saying to the disciples for not believing him.

Dear God,

Please help everyone to understand what you want for us. Help people to be more like you. Help us to spread the good news of your life. Please comfort those who need comforting.


To This Day.

Our 8th grade class watched a Youtube video called “To This Day” by Shane Koyczan click on this link to watch this video. This video is very inspiring. Because of this video our class started a list of words that we are “retiring” because our junior high decided that we didn’t want people to be called names anymore. I used pixlr to edit this photo I got the original photo is for iClipart. This is a very good video I hope all of you who read this will watch it.


Genius Hour!

For this weeks genius hour I marveled my nails. I didn’t learn anything about marveling my nails but my friends did newspaper nails and I learned how to do that. I also taught my friends to marvel their nails too. Another one of my friends did “Crackle,”  first you put a regular coat of nail polish on and wait for it to dry then you buy a certain kind of nail polish “Crackle” or “Shatter” only put one coat or it will NOT work. Then all you have to do is wait for it to dry. Newspaper nails- How you do newspaper nails is to take your nails and put a coat of regular nail polish on it the best colors to use are light. After your fingernails are dry take your finger and dip it in rubbing alcohol then take newspaper and put it on top of your nail and hold it for about ten seconds. That is how you do newspaper nails. Magnetic Nail Polish- You have to buy magnetic nail polish. (It will say on the bottle) You take the nail polish put on a good coat ant take a magnet and put it just above the nail and hold it there for about 20 seconds. Once you take the magnet off it should have wavy lines on your nails. Then you let your nails dry and they are finished. Since marveling your nails is hard to explain click here to see how.

This is what I did for my Genius Hour!

All of these pictures were taken by Paige click here to see her blogpost.

This is one stage of what your fingers will look like when marbling your nails.

This is Crackle.

This is what the Magnetic Nail Polish does.

Catholic Schools Week Activities

Monday we had pancakes for breakfast and dinner.

Tuesday we had Winter Picnic in our gym and our parents were invited and we brought food and ate with our families.

Wednesday we had Genius Hour for three hours.

Thursday was a regular school day.


On February 1st, we started our day with BINGO everyone who wanted to come was welcome. We had a lot of prizes that were available if you got a BINGO. Our next activity is to eat lunch with another school. After Lunch we are going to Sioux Center to go ice skating and afterwards go to a college to do activities like basketball, bowling, racket ball, track, and billiards/pool.


Here is a picture of our BINGO time.